Saturday, May 16, 2009

ENGLAND with all thy faults I love thee

I have arrived in England May 13th. The land where the sun never shines. However the warm hearts of the devotees here more than makes up for it. On the 13th I did a program at my God Sister Jagatam didi's home. She invited some of our God brothers and God Sisters and some followers of Srila Gurudeva and we had a great time. We had some sweet Kirtan and I told some pastimes of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva. I also discussed about the difference between transcendental sound and material sound and how one benefits from the former as it is vibrated form the lips of a sadhu. At the end I brought out my Srila Prabhupada memorabilia and gave everyone darshan. There were smiles and tears all around.

Jagatam Didi and I got to have some talks the next day about a number of topics and I had a chance to go and visit Bhaktivedanta Manor and see Radha Gokulananda. I was recevied warmly by all the old devotees who knew me from before when I was president of Soho Street Temple. I had some talks with Tattva Vit, Ananta Shakti, and Kripa Moya. All were pleasant and sweet. They gave me a wonderful plate of Radha Gokulananda Maha Pradsadam and lunch as well. The prasadam was wonderful. Later that afternoon I was whisked off to Wales by Syama Prabhu and Acarya Ratna Prabhu.

Wales is colder, grayer, and rainier than London. However Acarya Ratna Prabhus Home and family are warm and sweet. I give class the next morning to Husband and wife about how to have a better grihastha ashram. I spoke last night to 20 devotees from all over the area in Wales. Sweet wonderful devotees. We do the standard Bhajanas and then I lead a rip roaring old style Kirtan that all embrace enthusiastically. Chanting, dancing, and ecstasy abound. In the lecture I discuss saranagati, humility, and surrender. I punctuate the philosophy with stories of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva displaying these wonderful qualities for our benefit so we can make advancement by their association when they are in those moods. At the end I bring out the Srila Prabhupada Paraprenalia for Darshan and again there is tears and smiles all around. We top it off with a sweet kirtan and great pot luck prasad feast. Oh How I love this process.

This morning we had Guru Puja and kirtan and then I discussed how Sri Krishna moves through the different Incarnations due to his greed for Rasa. That is why he is called Rasa Raja. Ultimately he becomes Sri Caitanya Mahaparabhu in order to taste the ecstacy of Srimati Radhika and understand His own sweetness. Rasa Raja Krishna with Mahabahva Mayi Radha. The meeting of these two together but in Radhas separation mood. Sambhoge with Vipralamba both in one container that is Mahaprabhu. I tell the story about Radha Krsna at Prema Sarovara and explain this mood of Prem vaicittya. So these topics I discussed in the morning.

Tonight we have a public program which we wanted to preceed with a Hari Nam Sankirtan. the weather is especially inclement. Cold, rainy, and windy. However I keep hoping against hope as the sun occasionally peers through the clouds and gives some indication that it might be sunny enough after all to go on Hari Nam. It is all in the hands of Mahaprabhu and Sri Guru. They will decide. They can make the rain stop or start at will. So we will see if it becomes favorable for Hari Nama. Over all, even though it is cold, rainy, windy, and isolated, the warmth and enthusiasm of the devotees for chanting and hearing more than makes up for it. That is why I invoked that poetry of old for my title: England with all thy faults I love thee!

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